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कहते हैं लम्हे इतिहास बना देते हैं....और जिन्दगी आगे बढ़ती रहती है....ना तो बीता वक्त लौट कर आता है....और ना ही वो लम्हे... जिन्हें हम शायद कभी भी भूलना नहीं चाहते..... गुजरता हर वक्त एक नया अंदाज होता है.....हर अंदाज में एक एहसास होता है....और हर एहसास हमारे मन को एक नई आजादी देता है....ऐसी आजादी जिसमें हम उस पल में कैद हो जाना चाहते हैं...
Warning: Do Not Miss it - All photo enthusiasts.
When it comes to the art of photography, each and every one has an embedded photographer in us. We all love taking pictures to store them as beautiful memories or share with the world around us. For anyone who loves photography, photo festivals are a must-see. They provide a chance to see the work of celebrated photographers as well as the portfolios of new, up-and-coming talent.
Purity of imagination is in abundance in kids and that is what photography is all about.
All children see the world through a special lens. If you have ever put a camera in the hands of a child you will soon discover that what they see in life is very different than the adult’s perspective.
Picture that – Travel is just a strategy for accumulating photographers Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all for those who believe in exploring. We all love to travel but are always in search of cues to start the journey.
Do you spend your summer watching a sitcom or playing video games or complaining of boredom every year?
Don’t you want to find something captivating, knowledgeable, fun, all at the same time?
IIP gives you the right answer today!
Named after Rembrandt van Rijn who was known for creating clear & crisp portraits, Rembrandt lighting is one of the techniques which can be used efficiently in the photography studios. Typically used for the portrait photography, this technique is used to give high quality portrait photographs.
As the day descends, opportunities for colorful photographs glow. A night holds so many mysteries in its lap. When everyone is rushing towards their home from office, the photographers rush towards the streets and the sea coasts to get the commendable night shots.
“What to do after class 12th? What are the best career options for me? Will it be the best suitable career option for me? What am I going to take as my profession?” Are you fed up of finding answers to these never ending questions? Then, your search stops here!
In literal terms, the expression 'digital' is a derivation of 'digit' and refers to systems that process any signal or data and express them as discrete series of binary digits (0 and 1). In the case of digital communication, it is a numerical representation of the analogue signal that is exchanged rather than the signal directly. An analogue signal is coded, exchanged between devices, recorded, stored and reproduced in any digital communication. This conversion (from analogue to digital) is created by sampling the original signal at a series of discrete time intervals and storing each sample in a pre-defined data space.