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IIP where work speaks, Story of IIPian Sudhanshu Kesarwani

30 April 2018



Sudhanshu Kesarwani

IIP institute offers photography as a professional and vocational subject. The institute provides a multitude of knowledge and short-term, full-time courses and workshops to a broad spectrum of photography enthusiasts. IIP institute has helped students to master in technical aspects and individual creative vision, which has given birth to world-class professional photographers who are progressing in life.

Sudhanshu kesarwani from Allahābād, Uttar Pradesh, who has passed out from the Indian Institute of photography, Noida talked about his journey of success and the role of IIP in shaping his career. According to Sudhanshu, photography is not just a passion, but food for his soul. As a photographer he wanted to present many interesting and fascinating stories through his art of photography to people all over the world and currently he is living his dream.



Please take a look at my detailed conversation with Sudhanshu.

Which course you got enrolled in at IIP

I was in the first batch in a dual diploma course in photography in year, 2014.

How much you have excelled in your career and what are you doing presently?

Well, I have a lot on my plate as if for now. I have worked as a photojournalist and has been associated with some acclaimed news source such as Hindustan media Pvt Limited, Jansandesh Times, etc.  I have been working as a freelance and commercial photographer too, as I have started my own company, with a name, “Alluring Frames.” I have my work showcased on National Geographic as well, which features some of the renowned photographers work from all over the world.

How learning in IIP helped you to transform the struggle into results?

After completing my mass communication course from Allahabad, I came to Delhi to pursue a photography course. The struggle was finding the right institute for the course. I searched a lot on the internet and asked from my friends too. I was little confused as my career was based on the right choice I make in selecting best photography institute. Then by chance I met the director of IIP institute Mr. Rajesh Goyal at one or two events and got familiarized with him. When I got to know that he runs a photography institute in Noida that was when I realized that my search has come to an end and rest is history.



How IIP has contributed to your success

IIP has played a major role in deciding my career. On visiting the institute for the first time I was quite impressed by the infrastructure and basic facilities they provide to the students. The best part of the institute was that it had an in-house studio, which means we as a student got a lot of chances to test our talent and train under the right mentors. I totally think that IIP has helped me in gaining immense technical knowledge, which makes it easy for me to apply in the professional field.



What was the struggle you faced after completing your course?

There was no such struggle as the institute name helped me in getting work and when I left the institute I left as a trained professional. With my talent I easily found work in various fields of photography and now I am running my own company.