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Prateek Taparia: - Story of a no camera boy who is a professional photographer now

7 May 2018


Prateek Taparia

In just a one year time 23 years old, IIPian Prateek went from being a newbie to a professional photographer. I had a chance to speak to him and hear his inspirational story so that I can share it with our readers, and can motivate an armatures to become a photographer. Based in New Delhi, his name is Prateek Taparia, who is on a path of photographer in making. Though the transformation from amateur to professional photographer wasn’t an overnight journey, but thankfully though for him, it was certainly not impossible without Indian Institute of Photography.



The director of Indian Institute of Photography, Mr. Rajesh Goyal mission to impart knowledge to the upcoming camera artist is the major cause of photography academy existence. Living up to his dream he has nurtured some of the best students who are doing very well professionally.

Let’s hear it from Prateek Taparia what he has to say about his journey. 

How much you knew about photography when you joined IIP

I was so new to the subject that I did not know how to even hold a camera correctly. My first time, learning about the photography and its basic skill was with one and only IIP in the year 2017. I opted for dual diploma in photography for a better understanding of it.

What are you doing presently?

At present I can proudly say that I am standing on my feet and no more dependent on my parents for a support, which is a very big achievement for me. If you talk about my work I am a freelance photographer in fashion and product category. I receive a regular assignment each month and I have purchased a studio light also, which is just a start. I was also associated with apparel brand Study By Janak and did internship for them.

How learning in IIP is different from other Photography Academy in Delhi and Noida?

The best thing about the IIP academy is that along with theoretical knowledge they give you practical training as well, which is a very rare feature in any other academy. Equipped with the in-house studio, it gives you a chance to test your knowledge. The faculty is the best who understand their students, their needs and requirement and guide them thoroughly on the subject.



What is the IIP contribution for your success?

I found a career path after joining IIP Academy.  Now I specialize in fashion and product photography and have worked with various Fashion Designer. I love fashion photography and perfected the art form to suit the stream at the institute. Learning at IIP academy gave me an opportunity of working with the top models.

What was the struggle you faced after completing your course?

After completing the course I struggled for a month or two, but soon regular projects started pouring in. It kept me engrossed in work and polish my skill more and thanks to IIP for what I have become now. From no photography boy to a professional photographer.

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