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If Moving Pictures Move You,There’s a Cinematographer Inside You.

2 June 2016

Dual Diploma in Cinematography - DDIC

As a significant part of the filmmaking process, cinematography is the art of photographing a movie, dealing with the composition of lighting and the choice of camera, as the photographic images for cinema are recorded.  At the helm of it is a cinematographer who is supposed to handle several responsibilities while shooting including the shoot styling, intended effects, movement and expression, along with deft handling of camera from different angles, frame movement and many more.

To meet the growing demand for cinematographers, IIP is pleased to offer
What’s unique about this program is that the student pays for only one program but receives the advantages of a dual diploma program.

The program covers the understanding of four major pillars of CINEMATOGRAPHY: Writing, Direction, Cinematic Techniques and Editing. 
It course module also explores the many ways in which the cinematographer participates in the collaborative process of translating screenplays into meaningful, stimulating and stunning films.

At IIP, the focus lies on exercises, workshops, master classes and productions, supported by critical and analytical study of the history and development of cinematography, which will give students a solid foundation in their future career.

At IIP, students will be taught on advanced HD cameras and the course content would cover framing & composition, indoor & outdoor setup lighting and special effects, audio-visual effects, film appreciation and analysis, exposure controlling and understanding of ideas and Indian cinema.

Armed with specialization in movie making, television programs, documentaries, ad films etc., cinematographers can find employment with film production units, television or video industries, studios etc. in India as well as overseas. Immense opportunities also exist with production houses that make short films, documentaries and television serials. One can also freelance for advertising commercials and music videos too.


* UGC recognized program

* Dual degree from Himalayan University, Arunachal Pradesh & Indian Institute of Photography

* Spread across two semesters

* 100% placement assistance

* On-the-job training