• 22nd And 30th April 2017
    Fashion Mania

    It’s Fashion Mania all around IIP. IIPians are all set to shoot away the big shots. It’s Fashion Mania calling and each and every IIP shooter knows all the to dos and nots. IIP organised a Fashion photoshoot at Pixel Studio inside the IIP Academy. It was a fashion fiesta with shooters all around and 13 most creative fashion designer’s with their fashion splendour flaunting all around. The shoot happened in an utmost professional manner with a proper plan. The shots were all planned and the themes decided. Our students worked extensively to come up with an intricate plan. All of them worked with professional models to promote the shoot. There were make-up artists reflecting the perfect look in them. It made us remind again, perfection is the key to success. IIP teaches it’s students the key to their ultimate success.

    Fashion Mania enabled them an environment to experiment with the look and feel and come up with the best and most professional fashion shots to promote in their portfolios. Capturing the reality, as much inviting as it sounds, lacks a professional and official approach. If you have not worked with controlled lighting and a secured and pre-planned environment, you wouldn’t be 100% confident about your tool and especially if you are trying to master the fashion domain, planned shoots are a must. Enabling IIP students every infrastructure and the opportunity to work with professional models and fashion designers are something every novish photographer will dream of. We at IIP are just making it all come true,

    The Fashion Mania festival organised for a whole week and got the students one of the rarest chance to excel in their field with a hardcore portfolio and a fantastic experience. It’s a fascinating program spanning 7 days where student can reinvent their creativity in the world of glamour. It was one of the most exciting experiences for IIP students.

    Date : 22nd And 30th April 2017

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