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Palavii Sharma

Palavii Sharma
About myself

Meet IIPian Palavii Sharma | DDPC 2016-17 | Hails from Bhopal
*Driven *Versatile *Exilient
Palavii Sharma, the soul-wanderer from the city of lakes, Bhopal, a brilliant photographer and a magician with her lenses. Since childhood she loved photography, she loved visuals and its different depths. She started taking pictures of the twilight. She captured transitions in the early morning magic hours; she was quite appreciated for her brilliant shots. She then thought; why not make her passion into a profession that she can explore! She started looking up on Google about photography courses in India and she found IIP.
She joined IIP and found her way forward in life. She trained herself rigorously and with proper guidance of IIP she explored that her knack was in Studio Fashion, landscape and product photography. She perfected her skills and engaged in marvelous work. She has already worked in a few professional projects and now feels confident to go out and conquer the world of photography. Palavii is now all set to start her career in the corporate domain and we wish her all the success to achieve her dreams. It’s time to be the shooting star!

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