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IIP SLG Scholarship 2018

IIP Academy is fighting for the sole cause of creating talented and ambitious photography professionals in India and pace setting the Indian photography learning practices, since its very inception. It’s one of the largest photography academies that offer their students a perfect environment to study and learn photography as well as imbibe the life of a photographer. At IIP, we don’t stop ourselves at only teaching photography; we invite our students into a whole new environment of co-learning and understanding photography at its core. We believe in finding the right talents and nurturing them till they learn to shine. We believe in a collective learning experience where our students learn from both us and one another. It’s a more scientific approach towards learning anything. Being an educational establishment, IIP Academy believes it’s their responsibility to patronize photography as an art form and support those in need. IIP believes it is their duty to take a very special care about students who are academically not so sound but have a creative mind and wish to pursue their passion as a successful career option. They do deserve a chance to prove their passion and follow their dream career in photography. They do deserve to make it big and that’s why IIP SLG Scholarship exists— to shape the dreams of the creative minds. IIP is offering an up to 50% scholarship for their students in need. IIP’s SLG Scholarship is being awarded to the truly passionate minds that chose their dreams and decided to fight for their passion.

IIP’s SLG Scholarship is introduced in the honor and memory of Late. Sri S L Goyal. He was a notable personality during his service in the public sector, a noble person and the father of the founders of IIP Foundation. He was a simple man who started out from his village to end up in an honored designation at the government sector and live a life of fulfillment. He started from a small place and achieved a great deal, but what he stood for throughout his life was education, he motivated his children to invest their life in the education sector and so they did. He was a humble man with a simple life yet a vision such grand. Following his footsteps and imbibing his philosophy, IIP has decided to serve the needy and the deserving. We hope that the scholarship reaches the right people and bring hope and happiness in lives of many.


No entrance is required in case you qualify one of the below mention criteria

1. If you are a girl child

2. Your parents serving in defense services

3. Single parent

4. Or you are an achiever in any form, national or state level award in any stream or game 


RAJESH GOYAL-Founder Director, IIP
SHAILESH GOYAL,BFA, College of Arts harish-jaiswal
Mohit Gupta
Arnav Rastogi
Shahjahan Khan