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IIP News Letter 2 2016 | Published : Janaury



Photo by IIPian Kiran Rahul Sutar (student DDPC)

Black and White conversion with Background change.

1. Choosing a texture background, complements the picture.

2. Maintaining skin tones is equally necessary in black and white pictures.

3. The left side of the image has lost detailing. Shadows should also have details. Here in this case there is no separation of the hair, background and the hand.

4. Cropping is slightly tight.

Kiran Rahul Sutar is an IIPian, pursuing his Dual Diploma in Photography, comes from the land of Marathas, Pune Maharashtra. A passionate fashion photography who wants to make it Big in photography. Learning almost all genres of photography and showing his skills in almost every domain he shoots. A bright future awaits him,we wish him all success.

Photo by IIPian Anmol Sachder (student DDPC)

Color Correction

1. Maintaining natural colors is essential.

2. Original picture on left has default blue tones. For correction the Red, Blues and Greens in the image have to be separately adjusted.

3. Adjust the opposite colors on the curves in photoshop adjustment layer. ie. Yellow needs to be

added to cut the blues. Cyan to slightly cut the reds and magenta to adjust the greens in the image.

4. Edited picture on right still has more red and magenta. Making it appear slightly warm toned. However, to achieve the original skin tone red will have to be reduced and slight amount of green will have to be added.

IIP News Letter 2 2016 |  Janaury