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IIP News Letter 3 2016 | Published : Janaury

Photographs of the month by IIP Online Students

Joel Sternfeld

Yogesh Gurung

Ankush Jain

Nimmy Mariam Abraham

Jim Richardson

Rituraj Choudhary


Our Vision

IIP Foundation India aims at empowering India where every citizen of the country possesses an equal right of living a happy, contended, healthy, secured, unbiased and prosperous life while having access to proper healthcare, quality-oriented education and vocational skills irrespective of class, creed, gender, social status, religion and location.

Our Mission

To broaden and accelerate the development of down-trodden and underprivileged communities by extending a helping hand towards with knowledge and awareness they need regarding the issues related to their fundamental rights, equality and social dignity.

Certifications of Weekend workshops and Sunday Photography fig Courses after completion... CONGRATULATIONS!

IIP News Letter 3 2016 |  Janaury