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IIP News Letter 4 2016 | Published : Janaury

Photo by IIPian MD. Nasibullah Ansari (student DDPC)

Basic Dodging and Burning

1. Saturated Colors. Often one gets confused while dodging and burning, that it is not just making colors bright or dark. Colors in a picture should look natural.

2. Green and orange being the dominant colors in the picture, adjusting contrast has made them saturated and unrealistic.

3. Skin color on the exposed body parts vary. Dodging and burning needs to be done till the extent that the over all tones of the skin matches. Retaining shadow areas on the skin.


Photoshop Selection Tools

For more precise handling and editing of the pictures, photoshop gives you handful of options for making quick, easy and even complex methods of selections to work with. The most tools and methods are Marquee, Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Magic Wand, Quick Selection, Pen Tool, Color Range and Refine Edge.

  1. Marquee Tool
    The first on top in the Tools bar is Marquee tool which is the most basic selection tool. To make a selection holddown and mouse and drag to make a selection. You can choose between Rectangular, Circular, single row or column.
  2. Lasso and Magnetic Lasso Tools
    Lasso tool allows you to move around freely without restriction and make selections. Allowing to avoid areas you don’t want to include. Magnetic lasso helps in making precise selections as it works as an outlining tool. It follows lines and outlines like a magnetic which makes it easier to work around elements with contours.

  3. Magic Wand Tool
    The magic wand is used to select an area based on a specific color. It is best used when selecting areas where color is varied but you want to select a specific color area. his tool is used by simply clicking on a certain color in a desired area.
  4. Quick Selection Tool
    Quick selection and magic wand share the same button space. It selects areas based on color and tone. You can choose to include or remove certain areas using the add to selection and subtract a selection options in the tool options, respectively.
  5. Color Range
    Hidden under the Select sub-menu is one of the most useful selection tools available in Photoshop - Color Range. It universally includes areas in the selection given a specific scope of colors you choose from within the image. Multiple color selection and limitation is also available by using the add and subtract eye dropper options.

IIP News Letter 4 2016 |  Janaury