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IIP NEWSLETTER 4 2015 | Published : December


1. Anticipation is very necessary in such pictures and often one has to wait for the right moment to press the shutter.

2. Choose you frame and be ready, shooting a slightly loose frame is advisable to avoid cutting of body parts

3. Decide your focal-length and fix to it

4. Most—important|y be sure of your shutter speed, to avoid shakes/blurs.

Mukul Mudgal - The expression is captured quite well. Different composition style would have increased the impact of the picture. Placing yourself on the same eye level as the subject, enhances visual communication as it increases interaction of the subject with the photographer (amongst many reasons). In this case, the photographer is slightly above the eye level. A bit tight vertical framing would have worked better.

10 Genres of Advanced Photography

Photography till the recent years was not considered a very promising career option, but lately that entire notion is changing not just for photography but for all the art fields. Photography offers a wide range of interests. With the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Cameras becoming more and more reachable to the masses, so has photography. The most popular genre of photography are :-

1. Photojournalism: One of the first purposes that photography was put was to convey news and till this day that holds true. Without photographs news will become dull and boring. Photographers who cover the news are called Photojournalists, they are responsible to cover the news events happening all around and report the truth. This field is exciting and offers a lot of exposure. One can start working part-time with some magazine and then move on to newspapers and newswire agencies.

2. Documentary: Documenting everything around oneself started as soon as photography began. In today‘s terms documentary can be related to photojournalism. The main difference between the two comes in the time frame that a project is executed. A photojournalistic project would not stretch more than a week as compared to a documentary project, which might stretch from a month to many years. Where photojournalism only deals with the current news, documentary projects deals with not only issues relating to the public but it can be anything that the photographer might find interesting.

3. Wildlife: One of the most exciting career options as a photographer is to become a wildlife photographer. One needs to have the right knowledge and instinct to track down the animals in time and in never seen before moments. The most challenging part is acquiring the right equipment, which is a very hefty investment, once that is done all the skills are to be put in practice.

4. Still Life: Still Life includes product and food photography. With the advent of e- commerce websites the demand for product photography has increased ten folds. Shooting products is the main job of a product photographer. The whole idea may not be very interesting at first but dealing with different types of products and their shapes in turn is very interesting at the end. All products are made up of different geometrical shapes, a good understanding of lighting and shapes makes up fora very exciting shoot as you try to best your own techniques after each shoot. Food photography on the other hand is a very trickyjob. Styling and preparations play a very vital role in determining how the final image will look. Afood photographer generally works with a food stylist who is responsible forthe presentation.

5. Fashion: Taking fashion photographs is a very lucrative option for photographers. It offers the glamor and the bling that is related to a description of being a photographer. Being a fashion photographer requires constantly working around a team of people like stylists, make up artists, model etc. Fashion has a constant demand with the lifestyle magazines and now that e-commerce websites have come up.

6. Landscape: Shooting landscapes might seem a very easyjob but in fact is one of the most challenging genres of photography. Photographers may have to wait for months to get the perfect light that is required for a particular landscape to achieve the perfection brought in by the likes ofAnse| Adams. It is one of the most exciting jobs as well as it will require quite a bit of travelling to reach the right location.

7. Conceptual: Since the time photography started to be considered as an art form, this genre grew. Conceptual photography simply means that the photographer is not shooting reality but creating an unreal image from his own imagination. Here the photographer's whole creativity comes to life in capturing what he/she has envisioned. This is becoming one of the most popular genres in today's time because photography might just be only 200 years old but everything on the planet has been photographed, so something created out ofthe ordinary now is very interesting to see.

8. Event: Coving events is the job of an event photographer. Events may range from meetings to conferences to musical extravaganzas. This is one genre of photography in which money can be made very easily, but do not take this to be a light affair. An event photographer needs to be highly attentive in terms of what all is happening in his surroundings to be ready to click those moments as and when they happen.

9. Weddings: In recent times weddings have become the most lucrative market in terms of money and photographers have certainly benefited from that. The whole shift began as many people started to own DSLRs and use them more creatively than your neighborhood studio photographer. Covering weddings is a very challenging affair where failure is not an option. Covering weddings is very fun on the other hand. The whole idea of wedding photography has changed with the coming of Pre-Wedding and Post-Wedding shoots. This market is expanding at a very rapid pace with more & more photographersjoining in.

10. Architecture : Architecture photography involves shooting buildings and interiors. With the booming of the property market and the hotel industry, a constant need for architecture photographers is required. An architecture photographer needs to have a wide angle lens and a tilt-shift lens, without these shooting architecture can be very difficult. A lot ofjobs are also on offer by the differentArchitecture magazines coming in the market.

IIP NEWSLETTER 4 2015 |  December