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IIP NEWSLETTER 5 2015 | Published : December

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Socialist Photography BECAUSE

October Revolution of 1917 and eventual defeat of capitalist forces during the civil war of the THERE'S 1920s offered the promise of peace and the end of centuries of oppression. The Soviet state, A which claimed to be something radically new, a “dictatorship of the proletariat,” held out a % promise of hope for the masses during a time of economic collapse and world depression. GRA HE During the first decade following the revolution, photography suggested an effective means to IN identify social problems and suggest improvements by revealing the truth. Photographers You were enlisted to provide evidence of government programs for improving social welfare.

Photography was born in September 1839. When Duguerre released of capturing images through action of light.

When to apply rule of third?

The Rule of thirds is to be applied while clicking any photograph. While shooting, one should compose any subject in the frame following Rule of Thirds or any other different composition rules. All these rules have to be in your mind while takinga photograph.

How to overcome over exposure in pictures?

Over exposure can be controlled by changing either ofthe one — Shutter speed, Aperture or ISO. Shutter Speed — increasing the shutter will reduce the over exposure. For e.g. - ifthe shutter speed is 1/100, try to shoot at 1/200 or more to correct the issue.
Aperture — Use a higher aperture to cut down the light. For eg- if the aperture is f5.6 then make the aperture f8 or f11 depending upon the scene. ISO — lower the ISO. For eg — if the ISO is 400 then bring it down to 200 or1oo depending upon the scene.

How to do color correction in images?

Color correction can be done on the camera and on the system while editing. White balance setting is used to color correct within the camera while shooting. On the system it can be done color temperature in the editing softwares.

How to reduce the size of the picyure in pixels?

Resizing options are available both on camera and system. In your camera there will be an option to select smaller dimension picture having lower resolution. Second option is to reduce the size ofthe image using photo editing softwares like photoshop, lightroom etc.

How to Format a memory card?

The best way to format a memory card is in the camera. In camera menu options, look for options for memory where you will find the option to format.


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IIP NEWSLETTER 5 2015 |  December