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IIP NEWSLETTER 1 2015 | Published : December





EDITION OCT- DEC 2015      VOL.1


Pushkar - The Photographer's Paradise

New cultural experiences for our students

November was an extremely eventful month for ||Pians both literally and figurative|y.With the winters just setting in, it was the perfect time to visit the land of myriad hues “Rajasthan”. Rajasthan is a SPECIAL photographer's delight because one can capture the expanse of a landscape to photographing the 0 COLUMN smallest detail.Armed with their tripods, lenses and cameras the students took a photography tour to capture the different facets of the Pushkar camel fair.Apart from being a Photographer’s delight, the Pushkar camel fair is also a wonderful opportunity to experience cultural & spiritual riches beyond one's.The idea behind the tour was to place students in a challenging cultural situation where they would successfully overcome language and aesthetic barriers in order to produce outstanding work.

Pushkar camel fair attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world as it displays different cultural aspects of the desert state. For the duration of the camel fair the town comes alive with bursts of color, vibrant folk music, dancing, magic shows. acrobats, hot air balloon rides, endless shopping and spicy local cuisine. It is probably the most fascinating way to experience authentic and traditional Rajasthan cu|tureVisua||y impressive,this fair is celebrated on an epic sca|e.The vast open fields offered the perfect opportunity for the students to learn to capture the early morning and late afternoon light. At night, the clear desert sky was the perfect background to capturing the fires and smoke.The students spent the maximum time capturing the essence of the camel fair through their |ens.The fair offered excellent chances at colorful street photography as well. The students managed to capture some amazing slices of life like Rajasthani portraits, streets, stalls, holy men, stunning silhouettes of camels etc. The students returned home after soaking themselves in this unique experience.A critique followed their work.

Siffcy at Siriforts Auditorium.

Photography Workshop at #S|FFCY - Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth - ‘Every child is special‘, the Smile Foundation & IIP Foundation knows this very well and that is why to push their children more further #IIP_ Foundation has collaborated with Smile .
Foundation as Photography Knowledge Partner IN ASSOCIATION WI and has organized a #Photography #Workshop for the children of Smile Foundation .





IIP NEWSLETTER 1 2015 |  December