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i know your kids will explore their talents this
According to a UNESCO research, art engages children's senses and develops cognitive, social-emotional and multi-sensory skills. Providing freedom of self-expression, choice, thought and feeling, it develops the brain capacity in early childhood. IIP would thus give you the exposure to creativity and self-expression, enhancing your child's power to visualize and think creatively. So, welcome to the world of photography with IIP!
Event : IIP Photography Festival 2015 (Season 2)
One of the best ways to kick-start your summer this year- Master the art of Photography! This summer, nurture your passion, share your experience, showcase your talent and learn more about photography from the experts!
As we know photography reaches beyond language, so get ready to brush up your photography skills. Celebrate the passion you couldn't relish because of your jam-packed routine. Come take a photo-break!
LEARN:The Art of Photography
shoot:Shoot your imagination, characters, portraits, anything and everything and communicate through pictures.
Flaunt : Exhibition, Awards & Recognition
Show the world your photography skills through online photography exhibition. We believe in celebrating and exhibiting your artistic work while recognizing and rewarding your creative talent.

Classes - 2 Weeks/ 8 Sessions
No. of seats - 15 per batch
Fees : Rs.4,500/-
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