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Masters in Fine Arts - Photography

The MFA in Photography program, students explore digital Photography through practice-based and process-oriented research. At the intersection of visual phenomena, social documentary, new media, critical studies, and creative production, the program offers a unique blend of studio practice, and theoretical and art historical training. The Program promotes both individual innovation and creative collaboration, allowing students to concentrate in one area, experiment in others, and complement their studio work with other academic studies. 

The cutting edge curriculum emphasizes practiced-based learning and focuses on new types of visual storytelling and image-making: still image, moving image, and multimedia, with a curriculum that emphasizes new media and transdisciplinary skill sets, and understands photography as a hybrid and emerging art form. The program explores digital-image-making as a force and it is designed as a practiced-based and process-oriented program. 

Artistic photography moves beyond mere representation to convey an image in accordance with the artist’s vision. Photographs can manifest emotions, dispute societal narratives or provide alternative views of reality. Now more than ever, we need practicing and emerging artist-researchers to produce bodies of work that value the importance of critical inquiry and rely heavily on intellectual exchange. The MFA in Photography concentration, enables you to expand your skills in fine art photography and develop your voice as an artist. 

The program explore the historical, cultural, and contemporary nuances of photography and its relationships and integration to traditional media, culture, and critical studies. Through rigorous study, enhance your understanding of photographic art traditions while developing the necessary tools and expertise to continuously flex, refine, and evolve within your personal artistic vision.