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From 25th April, 2019 till 30th April, 2019 @IIP Media Gallery, IIP Academy
A Photography Project of Gaurav Dubariya of 3rd Year(BFA).
Curated and brought together to life by his Mentor Dr.Vikas Gupta.
From 13th-16th January 2019 at Kumbh Prayagraj, India
Submit your entry in the Contest, Get selected and Exhibit at Kumbh, We are facilitating 100 photographers from world over, Live shows, Take Photowalks at Kumbh Prayagraj, India from 13th-16th January. Login at
IIP Successfully conducted 2-days basic Photography Workshop at Ahmedabad.
IIP Successfully conducted 2-days basic Photography Workshop at Ahmedabad
Mr. Amit Chawla,Director, Academics and Productions,IIP interacting with students refereed to a UNESCO research, art engages children's senses and develops cognitive, social-emotional and multi-sensory skills. Providing freedom of self-expression, choice, thought and feeling, it develops the brain capacity in early childhood.
was organized by IIP,where students get to learn the various aspects of travel photography
What fun are happy times when they get etched in our memories! And more so when they can be revisited through a glimpse into the photographs
on LumixGH4 AND 4K ,Organized by Panasonic at Lee Meridian
in photography by Indian Institute of Photography commenced its second batch recently.
The IIP 1Year Diploma Student's Celebrated Freshers Day in the truest spirit
Mr.Rajesh Goyal ,Director IIP addressing students on the occasion of Teachers' Day. Faculty and Directors Celebrating Teacher's Day with students.
Indian Institute of photography arranged two day photography workshop in Gurgaon on 8 and 9th of March this year.
Indian Institute of Photography organized one day and two day photography workshops in Noida campus on 1st and 2nd of March and the second event on 15th and 16th March of this year.