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IIPians witnessed Pushkar Mela - 2016

100 years old Pushkar Mela is a pride and joy of Rajasthan. IIP Academy students also became the eyewitness of stunning cultural carnival. They enjoyed a lot capturing the pictures of beautiful decked up camels, array of musicians, cultural dancers, colorful turbans and a lot.

After spending a peaceful time in Aranyani, IIP academy planned for something vibrant. So students were given the challenge to cover the place totally different than their previous trip. The place was heavily loaded with the color of tradition and feeling of devotion. Students were free broadening their mental imagery to show their talent and creativity they learned in IIP. Taking full advantage of this opportunity every student kept their heart and soul in taking pictures. And result was just awesome.


They also enjoyed the activities there and all were overwhelmed in the color of Indian tradition. They have been witnessing of Matka phod , longest Moustache , Bridal competition, Balloon festival, Camel and Horse dance which were the main attractions for tourists and photographers as well.