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In order to instill innovative thinking and vision in young minds of school students, IIP proposes photography sessions for middle and high school students. This will be a one-of-its-kind initiative to introduce photography among students and will be aimed to enhance their power of creativity and self-expression.
Like with most hobbies, taking up Photography can actually benefit the prospect in many ways.
  • It teaches one to be observant.
  • It helps develop attentiveness to details.
  • It encourages creativity and individuality.
  • It teaches one to be sensitive towards one’s surroundings.
  • It encourages one to be more expressive.
  • It helps enhancing the visualization skills, thus, encouraging to be an out-of-box thinker
Sessions (includes One Day Photo Exhibition & One Day Outdoor Shoot) for Middle and High school students to be conducted for a duration of 80 minutes and would comprise of the following modules that would be taught both in classroom and practical modes. (For detailed Session wise information please fill the form and send it to us, will mail as soon as we receive your contacts) (The session wise details should only go after you receive the details and to concerned dept.)
  • Session 1. Tutorial session on Visual literacy & photography (meaning, purpose and application)
  • Session 2. Understanding rules of composition in photography (Shapes, forms, camera angles, framing)
  • Session 3. Practical shoot (within school premises) applying visual concepts and rules of composition.
  • Session 4. Photo-review & critique session where all images will be individually evaluated by the faculty,
  • Session 5. Session on handling various types of digital/mobile camera (includes holding the camera leading lines, spirals, juxtaposition, symmetry, rhythm & balance, rule of thirds etc.)
  • 6. Tutorial session on different types of digital/dSLR cameras & supporting accessories
  • Session 7. Understanding exposure + focus control in DSLRs (Aperture, Shutter, ISO, manual & auto
  • Session 8. Using DSLR practically in aperture priority & shutter priority modes with specific situations
  • Session 9. Practical session about understanding Exposure Value (E.V.), White balance (W.B.) & Manual
  • Session 10. Creating Depth in pictures (using depth of field).
  • Session 11. Creative outdoor and indoor lighting in photography
  • Session 12. OUTDOOR SHOOT (proposed to be taken on a Saturday at Delhi Zoo and Old Fort – in order
  • Session 13. Images review and improvement session with faculty.
  • Session 14. Difference between various digital file formats (including RAW, jpeg, gif, tiff, png etc.)
  • Session 15. Understanding Photoshop interface and its importance as digital image manipulation tool.
  • Session 16. First practical session about basic editing/processing on Photoshop.
  • Session 17. Second practical session about basic editing/processing on Photoshop.
  • Session 18. Raw image processing, making and placing watermarks on images.
  • Session 19. Basics of trick photography like forced perspective, light painting etc.
  • Session 20. Theme based EXHIBITION, COMPETITION & Certification by IIP + School.