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Abhiram Kakara

Abhiram Kakara
About myself

 Meet IIPian Abhi Ram K | DDPC 2016-17 | Hails from Andhra Pradesh

*All rounder *Traveller *Focussed

He is quick with a decision in almost every situation, be it the selection of the subject, capturing the exact moment, or be it organising and post production works before the final presentation. Creativity and technical know-how goes hand in hand in Abhiram's favor. He picks his subjects and keeps on shooting in his very own style. He is an all rounder when it comes to different genres of photography. His versatility reflects in his works. He is precise to take the decision of how much to show and how to show the product keeping a keen eye fixed on it. Be it fine art, nature, portraits or product shoots his expressive eyes capture its right essence. He is proficient in getting the job done, keeping the aesthetics as well as the technicalities of the photography intact. He is creative with his shots and comes up with beautiful compositions and brilliant shots.

Abhi Ram is now all set to start his professional career; in fact he has already started working as a Freelance Photographer and is now proving himself. We wish all the best to this future photographer. 

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