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Soumen Mandal

Soumen Mandal
About myself

 Meet IIPian Soumen Mandal | DDPC 2016-17 | Hails from West Bengal

*Initiator *Executor *Trustworthy

The creator is within; we only need to find him. That’s what Soumen did all his childhood and then he found himself amidst nature in the very core of the wilderness, catching and capturing glimpses of his soul. He was born and brought up in Bankura, a small town of West Bengal, where he got the perfect rural and folk ambiance and the proximity of brilliant folk artists and creators. He explored the gems of nature and started clicking his best. He fell in love with wildlife photography and became a freelance photographer. The touch of Bengal’s greenery and the rusty red soil of Bankura gave him a sense of entirety, brought him closer to the soil, and nearer to Mother Nature and his mind started wandering off like a traveller. He was inclined in Travel photography and captured amazing landscapes. He made use of the macro lens exploring deeper and capturing wildlife in their innermost comfort. He found the love of his life, photography in travelling and capturing landscapes. He traveled across the country in The Aranyani in Himalayas, Pushkar, Manali, Dharmashala and framed the spirit of those colourful places. He captured the soul of these cultures and connected with them through his love for nature and landscapes. He also tried his hands on product photography and proved that an artist is always an artist.

He is a learner and an inspirer. The wisest of the lot Soumen would inspire his peers and would never fail to go get anything that his heart wishes for. He would capture the perfect artistic moment and would bring out the creative spirit in every capture. He would walk that extra mile to rise above and achieve success.

As a regular feature at IIP Academy to provide Large Format LIVE Exposure to its students Soumen was selected to document and create a photo-documentary on Prime Minister’s Rally at Moradabad during Assembly Election 2017. He also takes immense pride in his latest project of Terra Cota. He feels this project is closer to his heart and connects him back to his homeland, Bankura. He covered a project about ‘how to build in Terracota’. He also participated and captured wonderful frames and proved his professional brilliance in SIFFCY - Smile Foundation International Film Festival for Children and Youth. He has several other projects at hand to start with and he is coming out with flying colours in all of the projects.
He was awarded in the prestigious Reclaim Photography festival. He has walked his path gracefully so far and now he is ready to rock the professional world with his new found Charisma at IIP.

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