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Vishwas Sunita Shrivastava

Vishwas Sunita Shrivastava
About myself

IIPian Vishwas Sunita Shrivastava
*Adventurer *Vernacular *Traveller

The photographer with a true zeal, Vishwas, employed otherwise but striving for his innermost passion to turn into his dream profession has joined IIP Academy and become an IIPian in our one year Weekend Photography Course, 2016-17 batch. He is now all set to give his dreams another chance. Planning to go places, to shoot and write stories and achieve successes in his story telling swing. The sole idea that is giving his life a passionate push is his new journey into the world of photography. He painted the pictures of Banaras with same dedication and vibrant diversities. He didn’t stop at when tourist trail ends; he went beyond the boundary and captured dramatic stories in a theatrical city that flaunts history like Varanasi.
On his journey to the unknown he met many interesting people, some of them being the devotees of the Aghori Tantra who practice their rituals in a near extinct fashion and are from a very exotic cult of tantra ageing centuries back. In his unique journey he met one preacher of Tantra who supposedly cheats foreigners in order to squeeze in some money. He also has travelled to Jodhpur and has visited ‘The fading Blues of Jodhpur whose Steve McCurry and Pravhudeva have painted the houses blue to get their shoots done. Visiting through the narrow lanes in that blue fantasy he understood that the colours are fading and we need to preserve the heritage. He also went on the Pushkar tour and travelled through the wilderness and the colour-palate. His trip to the hilly highs of Mcleod Gunj has gifted him a great many number of gems in his basket to decorate his profile with. He has an inherent attraction towards culturally rich heritage cities and has been visiting them in the northern part of the country.
He has planned to visit Kerala in the next few months and will explore the local charm of the place and the culture. He plans to shoo in the utmost interior places to shoot and document the local culture and ports and other celebratory events.
He is planning to make a huge deal about his dreams in a big way while IIP stands by in his side to help support him achieve his dreams and support and involve as co-organiser. Wish him all the luck in all of his future endeavors.
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