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Ashvin Subramaniam

Ashvin Subramaniam
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Meet IIPian Ashvin Subramaniam.A| DDPC 2016-17 | Hails From Tamil Nadu
*Focused *Versatile *Perfectionist
Ashvin Subramaniam.A, from the land of Marina, Chennai, is the one with a passionate heart and a mind boggling with dreams. His art carries the pride and profundity of the state of Tamil Nadu. A charismatic soul, Ashvin has always been drawn towards the finer feelings of creativity and art. He has completed BFA from one of the oldest government art colleges in Chennai. For him, his life with a lens started with the need to capture the different creations of nature, the wildlife. He feels the synchronicity of nature plays well with his dreams. He feels his dedication towards photography is like the waves that keep smashing on the seashore, never giving up. He kept pushing himself in his pursuit of understanding and excelling photography, obtaining the skills and gathering knowledge. He is driven by the soul desire to perfect fashion photography. His spirits light up with fashion and his lenses capture. Fashion photography is what he breaths in. But for him, getting behind the lens is heaven; it can never be a deal breaker. He pretty much enjoys every genre of photography. He has interned with Smile Foundation, a place that changed his perspective towards life. Seeing the children through his lens was the most beautiful thing that has happened to him there. He considers himself to be blessed that he had the opportunity to work with them. He says his internship has taught him to reflect love and care and instill a soul in his photographs.
He has also experienced in covering powerful Political rallies, diverse folk festivals, the different colors and radiant cultures, the unknown faces and unbound fun, and what not. But the most significant success story would be catching glimpses of the honorable Minister of Finance, Mr. Arun Jaitley and capturing them through his lens.
He says, ‘Hard work, passion, dedication, sincerity and constantly acquiring knowledge have been the backbone behind my growth.’ He is especially grateful to Mr. Rajesh Goyal whom he considers to be his true mentor and says, ‘he has always supported through ups and down and made me an all-rounder in the field of photography.’
He is now all set to start his professional career and rock the corporate boat as he glides his boat through the tides of professional life. We wish him all the luck and believe him to be the upcoming shooting star! Way to go Ashvin. All the best.
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