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Meet IIPian Vaibhavjeet | DDPC 2016-17 | Hails from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
*Creative *Versatile *Perfectionist
Vaibhavjeet, the one with the magical lens, capturing the radiant soul of Allahabad, is from the city that sleeps by Ganges, the holy river. His soulful photography forms a triveni, a triangle of talents, with his inspired nature, versatile creativity and strong technical-knowledge. He started his life with lights and lenses 3 years back in 2014. His friend and a former IIPian told him about
the school of IIP. He came across the Gurukul of IIP and resorted to experience a school of thought that encourages your own self to reflect on the canvas. IIP teaches their photography students how to infuse a part of their mind and a slice of their heart into their every frame. He loved wildlife photography. He was also mesmerized by the ravishing art of fashion. He was great with his fashion clicks. He is also working in several assignments of Product photography, wedding and event photography. He creates magic with lights, his lighting skills are enviable. He excels in low light photography. He is extremely creative with his candid shots, unique angles, props and poses. His usage of colors makes the world a lot more colorful than it actually is.
Vaibhavjeet is now all set to start his career in the corporate domain and we wish him all the success to achieve his dreams. It’s time to be the shooting star, Vaibhavjeet. Go for it.
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