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Wellington Parmar

Wellington Parmar
About myself

Meet IIPian Wellington Parmar | DDPC 2016-17
Hails from Gujarat
*Multifaceted *Courageous *Dedicated
Wellington Parmar from Gujarat has come a long way since he first started his journey. A chemical Engineering graduate from NIT Surat, took a deep interest in photography being a nature’s pal and always roaming in and around wilderness. It was way back in 2012 when he started his journey with photography. It became an addiction for him. Every weekend photowalks and a life with lights and lenses became irresistible to him. Spending all these years working in the field he feels that to him photography is taking a step back, taking time to watch and learn your subject and design an ideal composition accordingly and finally watching and waiting for the perfect moment to capture the frame.
He shares in expertise in different genres and experimenting with them is his favorite pass time but what he most enjoys is shooting landscapes. Every little detail in the landscapes, from a flower petal to a grand span of horizon never seizes to amaze him and inspire him to travel across the whole wide world and click away the weary. He has recently travelled to the Himalayas and has planned to travel in different parts of the country for different projects.
Wellington is looking forward to start his professional journey as a specialised landscape photographer and we at IIP wish him all the success and glory !

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