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Andrew Lepcha

Andrew Lepcha
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Meet IIPian Andrew Lepcha | DDPC 2016-17 | Hails from Sikkim
*Simplistic *Outdoorsman *Perfectionist
Andrew Lepcha, the mountain soul, was born and brought up in Gangtok, the township amidst the snow ranges and solitary peaks. He learned the art of simplicity there. Hills taught him the serenity of a single moment and he felt the urge to capture them, he took up camera. He was just 15 when he got his first DSLR as a gift from his uncle and he discovered the magic of a single click. He became serious about the art of photography when he was not even out of school. He joined IIP after he completed his schooling and finally found his way towards serenity. He knew how to seize a moment and make time stop still for eternity.
He says, "It’s the simplicity that touches our soul. I have a simple approach in Photography. I try to make my photographs as simple as possible.” All his clicks are simplistic, he likes them that way. He believes in minimalism.
Andrew is all set to start his journey in the corporate sectors as a professional photographer. He has already perfected his art with the support of IIP. It’s now time for him to shine on and shoot up like a shooting star.
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