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Anuj Saini

Anuj Saini
About myself

Anuj Saini | DDPA 2016-17 | from New Delhi
*Adventurous *Enthusiastic * Driven
Anuj Saini, the Delhi boy who wanted to become a photographer, started his journey with lights and lenses, frames and focus back in 2014. His school-mate encouraged him to join IIP and pursue his passion to build a career of perfection. He joined IIP in the year 2016 and started his professional journey in the world of photography. He says, ‘Photographs are a reflection of your experiences—what drives you, where you’ve been, where you’re going, who you love.’ It was his journey to know who he actually is and what has actually been driving him to reflect upon his each and every captured frame. He is a passionate photographer who, in his own words, is ‘driven towards capturing the present moments into frames of beautiful memories’ with his camera.
He has worked on several projects like, street portrait series, product photography and fashion shoots. He has also participated in and covered corporate events like SIFFCY, travelled to many places and captured the many faces and flavors, cultures and colours. The list contains Pushkar, Mumbai, Nainital, Mansoori and so on. He has a varied experience in product photography, candid Photography and a great grip at Fashion Shoot and Corporate Events.
He is now all set to embark on a professional journey in the world of corporate photography and build his careers as a star photographer. We wish him all the luck!

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