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Harshit Singh

Harshit Singh
About myself

Meet IIPian Harshit Singh | DDPC 2016-17
Hails from Uttar Pradesh
*All Rounder* Curator* Exploxer
It’s the pride that creates the artist and the artistic geniuses. He claims his share of pride being an IIPian. That’s Harshit! Being born and brought up in Jahangirabad, Uttar Pradesh, Harshit has never restricted his dreams to any smaller frame. He has the skills and the adequate desires to reach beyond the boundaries and make it big! He started his journey long ago, in his hometown and he was into photography before even realising that photography was in him. He would edit his art to the perfection and will never stop until his soul is satisfied. Slowly the photographer in him took over his life. His day wouldn’t be completed without one ‘click of the day’ moment. He was the most famous local photo doctor, clicking photos of people and places around him, capturing special moments of friends and family and editing them. Seeing his talent and his utmost zeal his elder brother suggested him to join IIP and pursue photography as a professional career choice and that was the moment of his life. He says, he couldn’t do anything better than this. And now he is excelling in his creation. He has truly come a long way from being a local photo celebrity to become a national one, trying his talents in the national seminars, events and festivals. “In this journey the two men who supported me the most were my father, Mr. Rakesh kumar and my elder brother, Mr. Prashant Rathore”, says Harshit.
His journey with photography started with IIP and now he has specialised in all the diverse genres of photography. He specialises in Fashion and Product photography and brings out the core essence and attitude of the brand. He also shares his brilliance in architecture photography. The way he pictures and portrays the ruins and the not-so-ruins, the pillars and the poles the built and the barriers of history and the architecture, it’s magical.
He is, what we call, an all-rounder, knowing his art and understanding his tool and matching them with a brilliant timing.
Harshit is now in his best form to explore photography professionally and join the corporate to shine like a star and become a professional photographer to prove himself. We wish all the very best to this brilliant future Photo-ninja.

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