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Mahayan Pakhrin

Mahayan Pakhrin
About myself

Meet IIPian Mahayan Pakhrin | DDPC 2016-17
Hails from Sikkim
*An Artist *Full-of-Frames *Nature freak
Eastward bound Mahayan has the chills of Himalayas in his every frame. Being born in Sikkim had a deep and distant philosophy growing within him. As if the soul of Himalayas has sunk in within his frames, the mists created the magic and he was the sole observer of it all. Only he captured it, he captured the great grand mountains of the mythology; he understood the saintly philosophies and stood by the mantra of peace, captured in frames, within his mind. He has a certain love towards the vast and varied landscapes of Himalayan range. Following the trail he reached the Delhi, only a few hours from the northern range. He joined IIP to chase his dream to become a true blue photographer who understands landscapes and paints marvels with his lenses. He understands the heartbeats of the great Himalayas, feels its pulses, he travels a lot and wanders off from one range to another. Recently he has been to Manali to capture the calm wilderness. He feels photography isn’t just a part of his life. He himself is a part of the art-form we call photography. He started clicking and capturing frames that feels back in 2013. He started off as a freelance photographer. After joining IIP he has started excelling in his art-form and explored every aspect of it. He has participated in multiple projects including SIFFCY Film Festival and other advertising projects. His specialization is in landscape photography. He has the perfect eye for landscapes. He is also accomplished as a wedding photographer. His artistic instincts tell him the perfect moment to capture the ceremonious reunion of two souls, to spirits.
He is now all set to enter the world of commercial photography and shine on like a diamond. We wish him all the very best and hope that he achieves every success and wins over every hurdles in his way. Time to make it big, Mahayan.
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