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Rohit Rajput

Rohit Rajput
About myself

MEET IIPian Rohit Rajput | DDPC 2016-17
Hails from New Delhi
*Tactful *Superlative *Passionate
The people’s person Rohit Rajput was always fascinated by faces. He started clicking and the camera clicked with him when he started bringing out colorful stories of each and every face around him. He doesn’t find his exposure of creativity in randomly clicking and capturing frames. He is a person of aesthetics and captures exquisite shots that bring out the best in every visual and captures the attention of the viewer.
His excellence lies in his skills of shooting and executing a perfect product shoot. He also excels in capturing perfect fashion frames and exclusive wedding moments. He shares his interest in shooting body builders and and their physical postures. He shoots their portfolios and he has also been shooting a number of pre-wedding photo shoots professionally.
Rohit is now all set to embark on a professional journey and we support our shooting star to achieve all the success and create milestones in his photographic journey.
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Mobile: 087449 81008
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