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Prateek Taparia

Prateek Taparia
About myself

Meet IIPian Prateek Taparia | DDPC 2016-17
Hails from New Delhi
*Nature Lover *Traveller *Likes to bend the rules
A company secretary turned a passionate photographer Prateek Taparia found his way towards his ambition after joining IIP Academy. He specializes in fashion photography and produces great results when shooting for Fashion Designer Bhavya Goyal on the theme 'THEYYAMO" inspired by folk dance from Kannur from Kerala, and the adventurer in him loves exploring new places. His eye-catching shots are the first attraction one would find in a hall of exhibition.
He loves fashion photography and has perfected his art form to suit the stream. He has gathered the experience of working with the top models in a model hunt, and also participated in SIFFCY Film Festival organized by the Smile Foundation.
Prateek is now all set to start her professional career as a Photographer to prove himself. We wish all the best to this future photographer.
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