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Soumya Ranjan Satapathy

Soumya Ranjan Satapathy
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Meet IIPian Soumya Ranjan Satapathy | BFA 2016-18 | Hails from Orissa
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Soumya always had the eyes of a photographer. The young boy from Orissa had always wanted to be a photographer. He says, it’s not merely his passion; it’s an essential part of his life! He clicked his first shot when he was in 7thgrade. It was like capturing moments into memories. He was fascinated and he kept clicking every moment that he wanted to relive. Slowly he grew an intense passion, especially when he saw works by the masters of photography. He always wanted to follow his dream career into photography and one day he learned that it is actually possible. His mother gave him his first camera as a very special gift and after that there was no looking back. He joined IIP and he was greatly influenced by the philosophy that IIP teaches its students. His struggle through every shot gave him immense pleasure and IIP taught him how each and every struggle gives you the very joy of creation. That happiness is blissful. His vision doesn’t restrict him to only his shots, beyond the frames and the focus, the composition and the camera angles, there lies a vision, a grand vision of the creator. He met that creator when he joined IIP. And we met a great photographer in Soumya.
Soumya has already started working in the professional photography world and is pursuing a career of a fine photographer shining his unmatched skills and unique talents. He is all set to start his venture into the corporate world and we wish him all the success to conquer the world of photography and rule it.

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