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Neeraj Aryan

Neeraj Aryan
About myself

Meet IIPian Neeraj Aryan | DDPC 2016-17 | Hails from Uttar Pradesh
*Vibrant *Rooted *Entrepreneurial
Neeraj Aryan, the Saharanpur boy who wanted to be a photographer came a long way since he shot his first photograph. He has started his

journey with lights and lenses way back in his childhood days. He was always fascinated with weddings, festivals, events and get-togethers. He

was the first one in the family to frame the perfect moments to capture the festive moods and celebrate the glamorous evenings with his

camera. He became serious about his passion for photography when he started working as a wedding photographer. For the past ten years he

has caught some beautiful wedding portraits, celebratory candid moments, beautiful customs and colourful celebrations.
He joined IIP to improve his skills and shine on as a shooting star. He loves doing product photoshoots and fashion photography and he has

already has his hand on some of the very exciting projects. After passing from IIP he wishes to work as a professional fashion photographer as

well as keeping to work as a wedding photographer too. But what he truly wishes is to expand his photography business to his hometown

Saharanpur. We truly believe in his talents and skill-set and wish for him to achieve all the success in life!

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