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"Photography is my PASSION. I pursue it with a PURPOSE and have built its foundation on PRINCIPLES."
- Rajesh Goyal, Founder Director - IIP
Today, there’s a world waiting to be explored, capture and created beyond limits through the photography. A world with never-ending boundaries that holds countless possibilities and opens up zillions of photography opportunities as a form of fine art. And with photography fast emerging as an important subject of learning, the art of photography is emerging as an instrument of change, a melting pot of thoughts and life-changing ideas.One that can effectively document the changing facets of the society and its thinking process like no other.
And if you love to embrace the world of photography to hone your learning graph, there’s a lot that will surely open up as possibilities. You can mould yourself as a photography hobbyist, an ardent photographer, a passionate photographer or a full fledged professional successful photographer. But before you choose what to become, everything depends on your instincts, behavior, dedication, devotion, determination and hard work to realize the goal of becoming a photographer.
“Life is a lot more enriched with myriad experiences but my passion for photography has rewarded me with a new perspective to look at the life around me. It is my mission to impart this knowledge to the upcoming ardent photographers; aiding them to look at life with a bold, new perspective.”
The dream came true and it got realized as IIP (Indian Institute of Photography) which today, is on the verge of completing a decade of an eventful journey. Bridging distances between photography enthusiasts and new-age photography learning center, along with broadening their horizons as a holistically developed individuals. A decade that has been marked with remarkable events, successful students idea collaborations and thought processes that changed the outlook towards photographic learning in India. Today, IIPians are making their mark through an impressive body of work, creating new work benchmarks and bringing laurels.
Over the years, IIP has been successful in spreading its wings helping photography students and enthusiasts conquer the world around them and develop bright career prospects in various genres like food photography, advertising photography, product photography, fashion photography, fine art photography, travel photography, wildlife photography, documentary photography, street photography, portraiture photography,wedding photography, event photography,sports photography, celebrity photography and much more.
For Photography is about love and appreciation; it makes families come together and celebrate life. It is about embracing the beauty of nature. It simply immortalizes life!
“Creativity Cannot Be Taught In Classrooms,
It Is the End Product of an Adventurous Mind”
Driven by the solitary vision to be a leading entity in imparting photography learning, we provide for knowledge modules that aim at bringing together the very best of visual arts and professional education. Based on this, our mission is to spot, nurture and educate talented students to become successful photography professionals by encouraging artistic pursuit, creativity and visualization.
This has been reflected in IIP setting the bar higher by maintaining effective alliances with the industry, incorporating professional expertise and inculcating thorough feedback regarding photography practices and modules. Over the years, our students have been placed and absorbed across various brands and organizations. Pride of success stories that have held the flag of IIP soaring higher and higher!
Indian Institute of Photography provides a conducive environment, along with technology and equipments assisting every student to soak in maximum by applying classroom taught principles. All under one roof, conveniently located in the heart of Noida! We at IIP firmly believe that this approach leads to higher levels of student engagement, increased self-awareness, and a better understanding of how to make the best use of the strengths in the long run.
“Come and fall in love with the camera; the world awaits you!”
There are indeed miles to go as IIP has achieved a lot but continues to reinvent itself with the modern times and strives to fulfill its passion for Photography.
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