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2 Days Fashion Photography Workshop - Mumbai
Date & Time
Day 1: 29-05-2015   10:30 AM
Day 2:30-05-2015   10:30 AM
Registration Last Date is 28-05-2015
Harish Jaiswal
Fee:- 4000
Link Plaza, M.53
Oshiwara, Near Shirji Restaurant
Andheri (West), Mumbai
Pin Code : 400102
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 Take your photography knowledge to a whole new level.

 How do you take better photography with your DSLR camera?


Fashion & Beauty Photography


Dear Candidate

 During this workshop, The IIP Mentor will guide you through a series of exciting Fashion and Beauty images in the studio. You'll be looking in detail at the practical considerations, the planning, working with models, hair & make up, stylists and creating an effective theme.


These stunning fashion shoots will expand your understanding of the genre and give you the confidence to organised and undertake similar shoots.

As a student, you will have your own one-to-one time with a professional model as well as one-to-one instructional time with the Mentor. The photo-shoots will be conducted in the incredible studio with stunning backdrops.

This course will provide you with a greater understanding of lighting and composition for effective fashion and beauty photography. Finally Harish will reveal his lighting techniques to provide flawless beauty images to the standard of international advertisements and campaigns.

IIP Mentor, Harish Jaiswal is one of the India’s most respected instructors, associated with IIP Academy and is a recognized photography Community Professional.


Course cover

Fashion & Beauty Lighting Secrets 

Set Your Photographs Apart with These Incredible Pro-Lighting Techniques


Beauty Studio Lighting
Get the inside information on how to create those incredible beauty shots with 
step-by-step instruction on the precise lighting setups.

Soft Light on Location
Easily create a large softbox or bank light effect on location and get that great studio effect outdoors.

Lighting with nature
This nature lighting technique and artificial lighting is probably the best kept secret in the industry, find out exactly why!

Soft Dish Techniques
Add sparkle to your beauty shots with this simple accessory but discover what you need with it to add that magic to the shot.

Fashion Lighting
Hard light or soft light? What makes the best light for fashion shoots? Incredible location and studio lighting in minutes.

Mixed Lighting Sources for Drama
How to create cinematic atmosphere in a model shot by combining several types of light and getting the balance right.

Fashion Lighting on Location
Working on location adds a whole host of extra problems but also creates a wealth of creative opportunities. Watch as Harish demonstrates his lighting techniques on several location fashion shoots.

Beauty Dish and Backgrounds
Enhance your image with the right balance of background lighting and see how it transforms your shot.

In this program-me Harish shows you 7 incredible lighting set-ups and model shoots in an easy to understand format that will give your images that professional edge.s.


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Each student will have their own one to one photography time with a professional model

The Models

For this workshop we are fortunate to have the stunning Model.

This will give you invaluable experience working with an industry professional model and the opportunity to enhance your portfolio with stunning images.



Your workshop will include

>You will learn directly from the IIP Mentor.
>Mentor spends "one-to-one" time with all students.
>You can bring your portfolio with you for review.
>Intimate group numbers help to create a fun and relaxed learning environment.
>Meet and network with other like minded photographers and creatives
>Experience a professional level studio and get confident using all the equipment.  (This will help you when renting or purchasing kit in the future.)
>Rapidly improve the day to day running of your photography business with key skills.
>Save literally years of photography trial and error by working and learning from a top professional.
>Join IIP - get ready for an Incredible trip and photography experience.




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