• 6 Feb 2018
    Carve Your Photography Career with Reputed Photography School in India


    In this technology era, people are completely focused on what they want and what they don’t. With the help of internet, desktop and mobile phones, people are being connected with each other, obtaining information about different topic, doing online shopping and sharing their views. In such era, it is really difficult to cheat anyone, as they can easily get access to right information through internet. Same theory is applied to institutions, courses, and students. An institute can’t simply add courses to their curriculum unless it provides the complete educational instructions for it.

    Today, quality education has become one of the major concerns for the students. Before enrolling to any course, students want complete details about the course, what topics will be covered, how beneficial it will be as per their career prospects and much more. While keeping all of these essential factors in mind, IIP Academy has created all of their courses in photography. Being a reputed Photography School in India, IIP offers exclusively designed courses that cover all the important topics of photography and provides elementary education of photography.

    Indian Institute of Photography (IIP) is the only institute that offers Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA Degree) in Photography Course in Delhi/NCR. With the aim of providing wide-ranging knowledge and practical expertise to the students, this course has been created by the institute. Under this course, students will get an insight about photography, color theory, digital photography, portrait, fashion photography, visual communication, architectural photography, travel photography, nature photography, documentary photography, Photo-journalism, wild-life photography, night photography, and much more. The students will also get various opportunities to shoot multiple events, tours and real-life activities, which help them to create their portfolio for a brighter career perspective.


    While enrolling to a bachelor photography program, the fee structure has always been a major issue for many people. Usually, Photography Institutes charge a big amount for offering such courses that somehow is not affordable for everyone. However, IIP offers these photography courses at a very reasonable fee, which is highly preferred by several course seekers. Also, IIP facilitates their students with 3 months internship, where they get chance to work with media houses, corporates, and established photographers, and get huge exposure to the industry. This valuable experience helps enhance capabilities of the candidates and boost their confidence to work as a professional photographer in today’s competitive market.





    Date : 6 Feb 2018

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