• May 2015

     Namami Gange, an endeavor so special that it is pure humanitarian to be a part of it.

    The efforts of the noble kind never go waste. And likewise is the bid of our honorable Prime Minister who has fueled the fire to clean the holy river Ganges. Ganga for India is not just another river but is a part of the heritage of the country. Millions of people have their sentiments attached with this sacred river. However the plight of the water body owing to years and years of neglect cries out for attention.

    In this water, I invoke the presence of holy waters from the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu and Kaveri- Such is the importance of holy waters in any Indian’s life.

    Something needed to be done. IIP, Indian Institute of Photography picks up the bid as it feels a sincere responsibility to do something about it. And hence Namami Gange arose with which the company headed by Mr. Rajesh Goyal makes his honest attempt to raise funds to further the cause.  

    Clean Ganga mission has a new bright chapter. When you enroll for an online course with the institute, 50 % of the funds go directly to help clean Ganges. It is an excellent opportunity to kill two birds with a stone. Not only are you able to master the art of photography by learning from the nation’s best, you also automatically become part of the visionary movement initiated by our very own Prime Minister at no further costs.

    The courses offered under this initiative are of various denominations. The options of contributing $51, $101, $ 251 and $401 gives students and patrons ample scope to choose one amongst the courses in order to make the donation. It goes without saying that with it you also learn the esteemed IIP course and get to be an inseparable part of the IIP Hall of Fame. The more intensive courses has additional perks like availing staggering discounts up to 25 and 50 % for the photo tourism tours. An up close interaction with the IIP mentors can work wonders for your photography talents.

    That is not all; be the proud recipient of the appreciation letter and an exclusive kit – IIP Namami Gange with the heftier contributions. To follow your passion for photography has never been sweeter since it now also allows you to make your contribution for the nation’s welfare. And it has been made possible only through these online courses.

    The beauty and the functionality of the course remains the same. Full interaction with the mentors is guaranteed. The courses are paced at your convenience and have been tailor made to suit you. Testimonials from across the world have established the credibility and stature of the IIP courses and this is an excellent opportunity to be a part of it. With it you avail the course and also become a donor to the clean Ganga fund. What more could you ask for!


    Date : May 2015

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