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19th August, 2017
IIP Ignites the Passion for Photography this World Photography Day!

IIP Academy joyously celebrated WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY with the entire city of Noida, this 19th of August.

One day, multiple celebrations! A successful and eye catching exhibition was displayed by IIP Academy at DLF Mall of India, Noida, India’s biggest mall, to recognize the craft that immortalizes memories and events.


22nd And 30th April 2017
Fashion Mania

IIP organised a Fashion photoshoot at Pixel Studio inside the IIP Academy. 

Harmony, a Chorus!

 A unique collaboration by the prodigal trio, IIP Foundation, NTPC Bal Bhawan and Vridhhi Vriksh created an overwhelming sense of harmonization in bringing more than 250 participants under one roof to sing the song of unity in an unforgettable chorus. 

When Shriram Group of Colleges visited the world of photography at IIP and Sepia Advertising

IIP Academy believes in educating the next generation and they do not restrict their idea of education to the boundaries of their campus. 

24 April 2017
Vision of IIP is To Become Most Preferred Institute Worldwide By 2020

The last 7 years have been astounding for us. We have achieved brilliant students and they have been shining becoming our shooting star flaunting their beautiful photographs in numerous celebrated and established places and pages, exhibition walls and publication spaces.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography

 The BFA in Photography programme offered by the Indian Institute of Photography integrates photography along with every facet of art & design. 

2 June 2016
If Moving Pictures Move You,There’s a Cinematographer Inside You.

As a significant part of the filmmaking process, cinematography is the art of photographing a movie, dealing with the composition of lighting and the choice of camera, as the photographic images for cinema are recorded.  At the helm of it is a cinematographer who is supposed to handle several responsibilities while shooting including the shoot styling, intended effects, movement and expression, along with deft handling of camera from different angles, frame movement and many more.

1 June 2016
Pay for One Program. Get the Benefit of Two.

Want your pictures to make a mark for you? Then IIP is the place to be. As it presents to you the ideal launchpad to propel your passion for photography to greater heights. The highlights of the programme module are Digital capture, Using a camera creatively, Composition, Lighting and photographic technique, Post production introduction and advanced digital imaging and printing.

11 March 2016
Learn Photography with the Leader

Photography is a blend of art and technology. Each person who picks up a camera aspires to take great pictures. There is a highly technical artistic discipline with distinct intellectual traditions behind every great photographer. By opting for BFA in Photography (Bachelor of Fine arts in Photography) you can turn your passion into a career...