• 6 April 2019

    IIP one week fashion photography workshop at Vidya Institute of fashion Technology, Meerut

     IIP one week fashion photography workshop at Vidya Institute of fashion Technology, Meerut  this week long fashion was an eye opening experience for over 100 students of the institute... students learnt on how to showcase outfit with special lighting, model expression and all .This workshop was taken by Ace Fashion Photographer Wineet Vashishtha .116 students have participated

  • 2 April 2019

    BFA second year students who underwent an extensive shoot and documentary proiect amidst the gregarious landscapes of Himachal

     Himachal This Time...

    Moving beyond photography, we at IIP are rooted in the philosophy that Photography can’t be taught inside the cubicles of classrooms, it takes shape as an end product of an curiously, adventurous mind. This formed the stepping stone for our BFA second year students who underwent an extensive shoot and documentary proiect amidst the gregarious landscapes of Himachal.
    The students got to display their worth and style through different advertisement campaign shoots for Fashion, Advertising and Social Issues.

  • 13 March 2019

    Kumbh Photography Festival - 2019

    "KUMBH PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL-2019" at Kumbh Prayagraj, India from 13th-16th January 2019
    Submit your entry in the Contest, Get selected and Exhibit at Kumbh, We are facilitating 200 photographers from world over, Live shows, Take Photowalks at Kumbh Prayagraj, India from 13th-16th January 2019.

    Well known Kumbh Mela is always a favorite photography destination for photographers. Many a photographers want to spend more time for capturing pictures but due to lack of support they go back with limited photography stock. The need of clicking Kumbh Mela in detail with real meaning and its vastness is yet possible.

  • 25 January 2019

    Master of Fine Arts in Photography Programme

     The MFA in Photography program, students explore digital Photography through practice-based and process-oriented research. At the intersection of visual phenomena, social documentary, new media, critical studies, and creative production, the program offers a unique blend of studio practice, and theoretical and art historical training. The Program promotes both individual innovation and creative collaboration, allowing students to concentrate in one area, experiment in others, and complement their studio work with other academic studies. 

  • 6 June 2018

    How Sunday Photography Course Is Better Than a Self-Taught Photography

     For a photography enthusiast, a motive of taking images is a way to express themselves to capture the diverse, memorable moments that can be preserved for life. It’s a different thing that in order to survive in this world you have to earn money that directs the love for photography to commercial avenues. But, the opportunity to do what one loves and makes a living out of it can be the most blissful feeling. For the photographers, who started off, as a passion, it is just like a dream come true.

  • 31 May 2018

    Augustine Kajur, Journey from IIP To Food Photographer In Zomato

     I had the opportunity to have a conversation with IIP pass out Augustine. He grew up in Chhattisgarh and mentioned that he had dabbled with photography during his school and college and that let him decide his career. He thinks that every emerging photographer needs a mentor and his encounter with IIP happens to be the best experience.

  • 26 May 2018

    Journalism Evolution: - Traditional And Contemporary

     For centuries print journalism was the source for all the latest news, information, and political updates, but in the last 20 to 30 years, this field has experienced remarkable changes in content, speed and format with the advent of the internet and digital technology. It has caused ambiguity about the role of traditional journalism in a contemporary world.

  • 25 May 2018

    Career In Digital Journalism And Short Film Making

     In the 21st century, we live in the frontier of digital age where people dream of a glamorous career in filmmaking and Journalisim. The domain of visual effects has expanded from movies to different kinds of media like television serials, advertising, digital journalism and short film makings. With the passage of time use of digital technology in even reporting a latest news  has become widespread and every type of products is resorting to this new found technology.

  • 16 May 2018

    Abhishek Puri: - Photographer in Making, Transform Of A Student To An Entrepreneur

    Indian Institute of Photography is established with the main objective to provide a world class learning platform for candidates aspiring to make a career as professional photographers. Students get a varied exposure in different genres of photography as we give them an opportunity to sharpen their skills through a high level of individualized training. Today, we are proud to be called as the creator of some of the best professional photographers in the industry.

  • 10 May 2018

    Why IIP Online Photography Course Is As Successful As a Classroom Course

     Online classes at IIP are quickly changing the entire structure and experience of college. It is the first ever institute in India that is providing most popular photography education alternatives.The improving reputation of online learning has led to its popularity and it is as effective as face-to- face learning. For almost all recognized photographers, it all starts with a passion that soon change into an actual profession.

  • 7 May 2018

    Prateek Taparia: - Story of a no camera boy who is a professional photographer now

    In just a one year time 23 years old, IIPian Prateek went from being a newbie to a professional photographer. I had a chance to speak to him and hear his inspirational story so that I can share it with our readers, and can motivate an armatures to become a photographer. Based in New Delhi, his name is Prateek Taparia, who is on a path of photographer in making. Though the transformation from amateur to professional photographer wasn’t an overnight journey, but thankfully though for him, it was certainly not impossible without Indian Institute of Photography.

  • 5 May 2018

    The Online Photography Course Is Time and Cost Saving

    Photography is a creative art that many people enjoy doing it and making it as a career option. Some study photography to progress in career, however, some people opt for photography as an exciting hobby. But, if you wish to develop your hobby you can opt to study photography. For that you would need to look for a photography institution to be able to study the subject that can open a couple of gateways for you in the field of graphic design, magazine feature editing, television and press photography.

  • 2 May 2018

    Photography Workshops for exposing students to the important aspects of photography

    Photography workshops are some of the most interesting part of the training sessions, while you are pursuing a course. It imparts knowledge as well as offer fun filled environment for the learning. The workshops are eligible for all kinds of photographers that include beginners, amateur and the ones who are serious in improving their skills and even the experienced fine art photographers.

  • 30 April 2018

    Online Photography Course from the Ease of Your Home

    Online photography course is basically an opportunity where anyone from anywhere can master career skills by accessing the best learning experience. It gives you a liberty to attend the classes from the ease of your home and fix your learning schedules according to your convenience. The online photography courses are apt for both the armatures and as well as experienced students as they have a lot to offer for everyone. It is a great ways to boost the photography skills, and there are several ways to learn the entire course from top photography institutes. Remember that any free online class, whether from YouTubers won’t provide any sort of certification or degree, which is required for your career.

  • 30 April 2018

    IIP where work speaks, Story of IIPian Sudhanshu Kesarwani

    IIP institute offers photography as a professional and vocational subject. The institute provides a multitude of knowledge and short-term, full-time courses and workshops to a broad spectrum of photography enthusiasts. IIP institute has helped students to master in technical aspects and individual creative vision, which has given birth to world-class professional photographers who are progressing in life.

  • 25 April 2018

    Factors to Consider Before Choosing Right Photography Institute

    A career as a photographer can be exciting for anyone who have an eye for creativity. But, a photographer’s job requires more than a good eye and skills with a camera. If you want to make a career in photography, it will be best to start by finding the right institute and get enrolled. After the course you will be eligible for obtaining a certification that will help you to gain a better insight in the photography field. Always remember that the knowledge and experiences shared in such an environment can prove to be valuable in driving your career in the right direction.

  • 25 April 2018

    Opt For Photography Course To Polish Your Basic Skills

    Learning how to do photography can be done at different levels. For some, learning can be accomplished by joining a photography course from an academy. For others, watching tutorial videos on YouTube might be the way to go. So, when thinking about how to learn photography, it is important to consider what you want to learn and the ways that help you to easily grasp the information. But regardless of how you are learning photography, one thing is certain that you should cram the essential and basic skills of photography.

  • 21 April 2018

    With These Tips Make Your Wedding Photography Career a Smooth Ride

    There was a time when wedding photography was all about posing awkwardly with your family members. With the growth in the wedding photography industry that all has changed in the last few years. Couples those following the latest trend and one with an artistic side, in particular, is making sure that their wedding-day album is a piece of art.

  • 15 April 2018

    Various Genres Of Photography For A Newbie

    In the era of social media people constantly want to be updated with their latest up goings and same is done by sharing pictures. The motive is to basically store the doze of memories in a form of photograph and it has become so much part of our culture now that we hardly even notice all the places that it exists. Take a look at the vogue magazine cover page or view a billboard on the highway, this is all because of photography.

  • 7 February 2018

    Give Wings to Your Passion for Photography with IIP One Year Dual Diploma Course

    In today’s era, professional courses have become an essential part of an institute’s curriculum. Students without professional education find huge difficulties to begin their career in the prospective fields.

  • 6 February 2018

    Carve Your Photography Career with Reputed Photography School in India

    In this technology era, people are completely focused on what they want and what they don’t. With the help of internet, desktop and mobile phones, people are being connected with each other, obtaining information about different topic, doing online shopping and sharing their views. In such era, it is really difficult to cheat anyone, as they can easily get access to right information through internet.

  • 5 February 2019

    Learn Contemporary Journalism & Short Film Making with Professional Diploma Course

    In the last few years, mass communication and journalism industry has seen a tremendous growth in terms of education, career opportunities, and mass-influence. This booming industry has enhanced the necessity of quality media education in the society and encourages students to opt this field as their career option.

  • 19 August 2019

    IIP Ignites the Passion for Photography this World Photography Day!

    IIP Academy joyously celebrated WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY with the entire city of Noida, this 19th of August.

    One day, multiple celebrations! A successful and eye catching exhibition was displayed by IIP Academy at DLF Mall of India, Noida, India’s biggest mall, to recognize the craft that immortalizes memories and events.


  • Fashion Mania

    IIP organised a Fashion photoshoot at Pixel Studio inside the IIP Academy. 

  • Harmony, a Chorus!

     A unique collaboration by the prodigal trio, IIP Foundation, NTPC Bal Bhawan and Vridhhi Vriksh created an overwhelming sense of harmonization in bringing more than 250 participants under one roof to sing the song of unity in an unforgettable chorus. 

  • When Shriram Group of Colleges visited the world of photography at IIP and Sepia Advertising

    IIP Academy believes in educating the next generation and they do not restrict their idea of education to the boundaries of their campus. 

  • 24 April 2017

    Vision of IIP is To Become Most Preferred Institute Worldwide By 2020

    The last 7 years have been astounding for us. We have achieved brilliant students and they have been shining becoming our shooting star flaunting their beautiful photographs in numerous celebrated and established places and pages, exhibition walls and publication spaces.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography

     The BFA in Photography programme offered by the Indian Institute of Photography integrates photography along with every facet of art & design. 

  • 2 June 2016

    If Moving Pictures Move You,There’s a Cinematographer Inside You.

    As a significant part of the filmmaking process, cinematography is the art of photographing a movie, dealing with the composition of lighting and the choice of camera, as the photographic images for cinema are recorded.  At the helm of it is a cinematographer who is supposed to handle several responsibilities while shooting including the shoot styling, intended effects, movement and expression, along with deft handling of camera from different angles, frame movement and many more.

  • 1 June 2016

    Pay for One Program. Get the Benefit of Two.

    Want your pictures to make a mark for you? Then IIP is the place to be. As it presents to you the ideal launchpad to propel your passion for photography to greater heights. The highlights of the programme module are Digital capture, Using a camera creatively, Composition, Lighting and photographic technique, Post production introduction and advanced digital imaging and printing.

  • 11 March 2016

    Learn Photography with the Leader

    Photography is a blend of art and technology. Each person who picks up a camera aspires to take great pictures. There is a highly technical artistic discipline with distinct intellectual traditions behind every great photographer. By opting for BFA in Photography (Bachelor of Fine arts in Photography) you can turn your passion into a career...

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