Documentary Photography Specialization

IIP’s Documentary Photography Specialization Programme

IIP’s Documentary Photography Specialization

IIP’s Documentary Photography Specialization apprises its students with various aspects of professional photojournalism, real life reportage skill foundation, along with its development as an artistic pursuit. Dedicated to the basics of documentary and reportage photography, it also teaches about copyright, media relations, communication theory, ethics of the image and a lot more...
Documentary Specialization Programme

Why Documentary Photography Specialization

In today’s age, the significance of documentary photography has grown manifold. With changing discourses in socio, economic and political landscapes, getting the news and information, fast and with full authenticity is the need of the hour. Going through the body of prolific photographers of this genre, one can appreciate the fact that as a Documentary photographer, one needs to keenly observe the world around possessing a an eagle’s eye on human stories.

From covering political events, conflicts, elections, historical occasions in the making to modern day newsmakers, the prospects for documentary photography are growing by leaps and bounds. Topped with the growth of online news mediums along with daily newspapers, weekly and monthly newsmagazines, this field is open far and wide for keen photography enthusiasts. Crucial because the trick is to document life in real time and share true and moving stories from around the world.

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