Research at IIP

Research at IIP

Going ahead with our vision of nurturing and encouraging photography enthusiasts towards excellence in photography as an art form, we also lay adequate impetus for our faculty and students to undertake research to understand the ever changing dynamics of photography. Paving the way for our students and mentors to share and discuss their avid interests in photography, its aesthetics, its psychological as well as ethical implications and its assimilation in different cultural contexts. Aiding IIP’s pioneering endeavour as a focused entity inclined towards latest trends in the domain of photography.

Trends in Photography

Photography is ever changing and so are its trends which are taking new forms in perspective of social science and emerging trends. We look for the analysis of recent phenomena in photography, but also for the presentation of sophisticated art projects. Be it any form of photography, we dwell into trends, which has vast sociological / anthropological implications for ambitious projects, also looking at creating dynamic and hidden photography forms.

Staging and Documentation

Staging and documentation are often understood as opposites, as very distinctive ways to use photography. At IIP, we would like to explore the boundaries of these two terms and their intricate relationship. Analyzing examples and situations which bring together both these poles, taking into consideration the wish for perfection in documentation as well as the wish for authenticity.

In front of the camera

Analyzing various types of models that can be distinguished, looking at the ones which end up as the subject of a photograph by chance, or become part of a rather spontaneous shot, and further, profiling people modeling as a hobby or a job, be it in form of planned photoshooting or be it people offering to be photographed at common travel destinations, often being dressed up to match tourists’ visions of local traditions.

Apart from these research modules, we at IIP are also exploring the idea of “archiving” pictures and document it for further research and analysis programmes. Not only will this aid study programmes but also promises to open up newer learning tracks on the way to attaining photography as an evolved form of art.

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