Live Your Passion for fashion


Ever fancied yourself as the next eminent fashion photographer? Explore and be trained in the field that represents the pinnacle of glamour and chutzpah. Learn what it takes to bring out the soul and persona of the brand developing your own signature style. Capture latest trends in on-the-job training sessions and build a majestic portfolio under the guidance of professional fashion photographers. Experience studio sessions, shoot models and gain requisite exposure enhancing your artistic sense of reciting your own definition of fashion.
IIP's Fashion Photography course- A specialised approach to capture the enchanting world of fashion
Live Your Passion for fashion


Classes - Sundays, 8 sessions
Class 1
  • Introduction of student and faculty
  • What is fashion photography
  • What comes under fashion photography
  • Astheics of fashion Photography
Class 2
  • Light meter
  • Light modifiers
  • Correct exposure with studio light.
Class 3
  • Portrait lighting Patterns
Class 4
  • Lighting law
  • hard light
  • soft light
Class 5
  • Multiple light setting
Class 6
  • Ecommerce lighting and glamour lighting
Class 7
  • What is the use of makeup in fashion shoot
  • Types of makeup
  • Model Shoot
Class 8
  • Styling importance in fashion shoot,
  • Model Shoot.
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