Campus Safety

Campus Safety

At IIP, we care for your safety and security. Not just great education but conducting them at a safe and convenient location is also of prime importance to us. Apart from being conveniently at Noida, the institute is dotted with surveillance cameras at strategic locations and is gated manned by adequate security personnel and measures. We at IIP are always here to aid you with timely information, updates and everything to keep you secure.
Campus Safety

Within the IIP campus and associated offices, we follow some strict guidelines in terms of in-campus behavior, conduct and discipline which allow us to maintain decorum and stature of the institute. Staying true to the nature of an educational institute, we discourage unprofessionalism, unruly behavior or disrespect to any student, colleague or associates of the IIP fraternity.

We’re constantly trying to improve the standards of your safety. We would also love to hear and solicit ideas from you. If you have any ideas feel free to share them with us. Drop in an email or speak to our Administration Head.

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