Fashion Photography Specialization

IIP’s Fashion Photography Specialization Programme

IIP’s Fashion Photography Specialization

IIP’s Fashion Photography Specialization programme is targeted at art enthusiasts interested in taking up the camera to bring alive the glitz and glam of the fashion world. Be it studio, outdoors or still-life compositions, this learning module goes a long way in aiding the students to acquire the necessary professional training for the years ahead.
IIP’s Fashion Photography Specialization Programme

Why Fashion Photography Specialization

With changing times, styles and trends have gone through a sea change. From people to brands to institutions, everybody is lapping up this change. As the society changes, the fashion industry have also changed gears considerably. In this light of events, the importance of Fashion Photography has also increased manifold. Today, right from being focused on models, location, props to various style aspects, the task of fashion and its photography is to create something unique. One that arrests the minds and creates a lifelong impression for the brand.

Being closely linked to the alleys of contemporary art and popular culture, its importance have outgrown expectations as more and more photography enthusiasts are making a beeline to learn and make a career out of it. Today with the advent of fashion magazines, lifestyle television channels, digital platforms, feature films, fashion industry, advertising and lot more mediums, fashion photographers are in big demand. With digital medium opening, one can go through and interact with top-of-the-line fashion photographers in the industry and also get to know the tricks of the trade to excel.

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